About Us

Who We Are

FractalEV is an EVSE manufacturer delivering L2 chargers to the market that are purpose built for MURB, fleet, and commercial applications. Fractal believes that the hardware vendor has a responsibility to support the reliability of the chargers and is uniquely positioned to do this effectively. To this end, all Fractal chargers come with an Operation and Maintenance cloud portal included at no additional cost to support the effective deployment of OCPP enabled chargers.

What We Believe

At Fractal, we believe in an electric future. To get there we will need solutions that are both consumer friendly and ready for scale. Today, EV charging is still a bespoke process which requires too much lift from operators to deliver a consistent, seamless experience. We think that the hardware vendor needs to play a key role in this ecosystem, delivering products that build on the experience of IoT and consumer goods to make it so charging is not a specialized, niche service.

charging car with snow

Drawing on the Experience of Scale

Our team brings a wealth of experience from EV Telematics, IoT, and consumer goods. Our mission is to bring the lessons we’ve learned deploying products at scale to EV Charging. The processes that were used when chargers were being deployed in ones and twos will be unsustainable as we start to truly electrify transportation. The basic interfaces need to evolve to support automated deployment and remote management. We believe that solving these problems are a key part of removing the barriers to electrification.

Our Team

Meet Our Team

Chris Mendes
President and Founder
Spenser Emery
Head of Cloud Architecture
Micah Gold-Utting
Head of Sales