Choosing EV Chargers Shouldn’t be Painful.
Managing EV Chargers Shouldn’t be Painful.

Historically, installers have had to rely on chargers for multi-unit dwellings that have little specific functionality for this setting. Generally they rely on the OCPP network to provide the actual functionality when it comes to operations and reliability. As such, the installers and OCPP networks have had to take on the burden of finding ways to deliver chargers that ‘just work’ and deciphering what’s going on when issues do arise. We think the hardware has a bigger role to play.

Save Time

  • Built for installations at scale
  • Remote provisioning

Stay Connected

  • Redundant networking
  • Onboard mesh

Feature Rich

  • Local power management
  • Remote troubleshooting

EV chargers made for MURBs

  • Included Operations & Maintenance software
  • Onboard mesh networking
  • OCPP network agnostic
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